Visual Thinking

Visual Thinking

Visualizing thought processes can help break down complex problems. It empowers teams and staff to build on one another’s ideas, fosters collaboration, jump-starts co-creation and boosts innovation.

This book will help brush aside misconceptions that may have prevented you using these techniques in your workplace. You don’t need Van Gogh’s artistic talent or Einstein’s intelligence to harnass the power of visual thinking and make your company more successful.

With the right mindset and the simple skills this book provides you the skills to develop your own signature and style and start generating change by integrating visual communication into your work.

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Hoofdauteur: Brand
Auteur: Willemien Brand
Uitgever: BIS Publishers
Jaar van uitgifte: 2017
Discipline: beeldend
Doelgroep: alle
Taal: Eng.
ISBN: 978-90–6369-453-1
Trefwoorden: visual thinking; drawing; creative problem solving; visueel denken; tekenen; creatief probleemoplossend denken